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Baton Pouch - Uncle Mike's - Black

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Manufacturer - Uncle Mike's
Model # - 88811
Material - Nylon
Color - Black
Color Black
Length 9.0
Width 4.6
Height 1.3
Manufacturer Uncle Mike's
Manufacturer SKU 88811
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The baton is probably the first weapon ever invented by mankind. Before cavemen figured out the complicated technology behind spears and clubs, a big, heavy stick was the best tool available for the all-important job of walloping.

Modern batons are far more advanced than mere sticks. Their solid steel construction makes them considerably better at walloping. Their telescoping design makes them easier to carry around as well. But you still need a reliable sheathe if you want your baton to always remain at arm’s reach.

If your line of work requires a baton and you are not a cheerleader – or if you would rely on the simple yet effective weapon for personal defense – then you absolutely need this baton pouch by Uncle Mikes. It attaches securely to any belt 2.25” or wider. It is made of Kodra nylon, a highly durable fabric that was originally developed for tires but which is now used to manufacture a variety of tactical gear. It is also padded to help keep an unextended baton in place until the precise moment it's needed.
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