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Blackhawk Black Crowd Control Bag

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Manufacturer - Blackhawk
Model # - 20CC00BK
Material - Nylon
Color - Black
Dimensions (Exterior) - 21.5” L x 11” W x 13” H
Dimensions (Helmet Compartment Only) 13.5" L x 11" W x 13" H
Color Black
Length 21.5"
Width 11"
Height 13"
Manufacturer BLACKHAWK
UPC Barcode 648018028724
Manufacturer SKU 20CC00BK
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We tip our hat to anyone who’s got the stones to serve on a SWAT team. Whereas we consider it a bad day when the Lucky Gunner breakroom runs out of powdered donuts because STEPHANIE decided to help herself to two of them, a bad day for a SWAT team member is too horrific to describe.

But hey – at least SWAT and other tactical team personnel can conveniently carry around all of their gear thanks to Blackhawk. The tactical outfitter’s Crowd Control Bag is specifically designed to hold all the equipment you need to do the job. It even has a separate compartment specifically for your helmet!

This bag is has 5,005 cubic inches storage space total, and it is made out of heavy-duty 1,000 denier nylon with reinforced stitches. It includes pouches for smaller gear, as well as interior straps for quickly securing batons and flashlights. Opening the Crowd Control Bag is easy thanks to its YKK zippers; so is carrying it courtesy of its wraparound nylon web handles and removable shoulder strap.

Not a cop? Not a problem! The Crowd Control Bag is a handy piece of luggage even if your only tactical strategy is getting the heck out of there.
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