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Blackhawk Coyote 498 Advanced Tactical Elbow Pads V.2


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Manufacturer - Blackhawk
Model # - 802600CY
Material - Nylon
Color - Coyote 498
Article Type N/A
Manufacturer BLACKHAWK
UPC Barcode 648018006470
Size One Size Fits All
Manufacturer SKU 802600CY
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Running drills and engaging in tactical situations is no walk through the park. You’ve got to dash around dangerous areas, take cover wherever you can find it, and be able to go prone in an instant.

Just because you may find yourself in so difficult a scenario (or enthusiastically sign up for it) doesn’t mean you want to abuse your body. We’re certain you’d rather keep it unharmed, as a matter of fact, which is why we’re offering these high quality elbow pads by Blackhawk. With them you can comfortably lie prone for hours on end, and prevent damage to the very joints you need in order to operate a firearm.

These elbow pads are made of hard-wearing 600 denier nylon fabric, with molded polyurethane caps to keep your vulnerable ligaments shielded against the hazards of combat. Each pad features a contoured interior ledge designed to prevent inconvenient slippage, as well as a hook-and-loop elastic strap for secure attachment. The entire pad is lined with cell foam padding, which at once absorbs tremendous shock and retains little to zero moisture.
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