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Equipment Vest - LRAK Rifleman Kit - Blackhawk - Coyote/Tan

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Manufacturer - Blackhawk
Model - LRAK Rifleman Kit
Manufacturer sku - 30HH02DE
Color - Coyote/Tan
Color Coyote Tan
Manufacturer BLACKHAWK
UPC Barcode 648018035975
Manufacturer SKU 30HH02DE
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This chest rig from Blackhawk is designed to help the modern soldier carry the many pieces of equipment he or she needs in a combat situation. It comes in a coyote/tan color that will match a variety of desert-colored tactical gear.

The many features of this rifleman kit include:

-Four M-16/M4 magazine pouches (up to 3 magazines per pouch), two of which can double as radio pouches
-Two large utility pouches (suitable for LMG ammo belt boxes, dust or night vision goggles, or even more magazines)
-Two pop flare pouches
-Two 1-quart canteen pouches with mesh bottoms
-One enhanced butt pack
-Elastic retention strap for fins or slung rifle
-Strobe/compass pouch
-Gunner's tool pouch
-Flashlight Pouch
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