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Blackhawk Orange Replica Demo Glock 17 Pistol

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Manufacturer - Blackhawk
Model # - 990959OR
Material - Polymer
Color - Orange
Manufacturer BLACKHAWK
Quantity 1
Ammo Caliber Not Applicable
Manufacturer SKU 990959OR
UPC Barcode 648018092268
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Learning how to properly handle a pistol requires a lot of ammo. But sometimes it doesn’t require a pistol at all! If you would like to practice drawing your weapon, for example, then a replica handgun will provide great peace of mind. There’s no need to follow correct safety protocol when your gun is made of solid plastic, after all.

A dummy gun is also an excellent tool for safe hand-to-hand combat training. Who in their right mind would volunteer to have their own pistol get slapped out of people’s hands all day? We know one kung fu teacher who keeps an impressive collection of plastic replicas for this very purpose. (He is also probably keenly aware that parents would hesitate to enroll their kids in kung fu classes that involve real guns.)

Blackhawk makes this demo Glock 17 for any kind of training that doesn’t actually involve shooting. It is made of shatterproof polymer, so you can abuse the absolute bejeezus out of it without breaking it. It is also bright orange, so it is absolutely unmistakable for the real thing.

Apart from its distinctive coloration this dummy handgun has the same dimensions, contours and details of a real Glock 17.
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