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Gun Cleaning BoreSnake - M-Pro 7 - .22 - .223 Calibers - 1

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Manufacturer - M-Pro 7
Manufacturer SKU - 24011M
Caliber Range - .22 LR, .223 Remington, 5.56x45mm

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Manufacturer Hoppe's
Manufacturer SKU 24011M
UPC Barcode 763705103727
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Since their partnership in 2003, Hoppe's and M-Pro 7 have shared branded products with the sole intention of making cleaning easier, more effective, and less costly for hunters, recreational shooters, and especially military and law enforcement members. These Boresnakes are the swiftest tools you will ever use when cleaning and are guaranteed to save you time and money compared to rods and patches.

The Boresnake is simply designed, and even more simple to use; drop the brass-weighted nylon cord down your chamber and pull it out of the other end. Apply oil or cleaning solution to the cloth body of the snake before pulling depending on whether your purpose is to clean or lubricate your inner barrel. As you pull, the snake's embedded brass brush bristles will scrub carbon loose while the body collects the fouling like a sponge and takes it away for effectively than any patch. Also, you never have to worry about sizing a patch too small or large again as the Boresnake's collapsing weave will tightly fill with every land and groove of your rifling without getting stuck (when used on the appropriately labeled calibers).

Once they have collected too much carbon fouling, Boresnakes can be thrown in the washing machine for quick cleaning. For storage, the tight nylon cord can be wrapped around the cloth body and then conveniently secured via a rubber-band. This snake is designed for pistols and rifles chambered for .22 Long Rifle, .223 Remington, and 5.56x45mm but will also do well in calibers of similar size like .243 and .270 Winchester, .22 TCM, and anything in the .20 caliber range.
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