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Hoppe's BoreSnake - .22 Caliber Rifle


95 In Stock


Manufacturer - Hoppe's
Manufacturer SKU - 3905
Caliber - .22 (22 LR, 223 Rem, 5.56x45, etc.)
Manufacturer Hoppe's
Manufacturer SKU 3905
UPC Barcode R0819202110098
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If you’re like most people, then your favorite part of going to the range is actually firing your rifle. Cleaning its barrel after the smoke has settled may be necessary, but it’s hardly a barrel of laughs. That’s why you need a Hoppe’s BoreSnake! This handy synthetic cord does same job of a cleaning rod in seconds flat, and it’s compatible with all .22 caliber rifles: 22 LR, 22 WMR, 223 Rem, 5.56x45, 22-250, 220 Swift, 224 Valkyrie and many more!

The BoreSnake’s beauty lies in its simplicity. Simply dab some bore solvent around its midsection and then let the cleaning accessory’s weighted end slide down the barrel of your rifle. As you floss the BoreSnake back and forth, its integral bronze bristles will quickly loosen up and brush away all the lead, copper and carbon residues that have accumulated inside your barrel. Once you’ve added a few drops of lubricant, your rifle’s barrel will be as clean as if you never opened fire in the first place!

This BoreSnake does not include bore solvent or lubricant.
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