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Bullets - 223 Rem (.224") Bullets - 50 Grain Polymer Tip - Sierra BlitzKing - 500


Quantity - 500 Bullets
Bullet - 50 Grain Polymer Tip BlitzKing
Manufacturer - Sierra
Diameter - .224"
Bullet Weight 50 Grain
Caliber 223 Rem
Bullet Diameter .224 Inches
Quantity 500
Bullet Type Polymer Tipped
Manufacturer Sierra Bullets
Manufacturer SKU 1450C
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The 223 Rem/5.56x45mm cartridge is a very popular and versatile round. Great for hunting, match competing, range training, and self defense, this round exhibits high velocities, manageable recoil and a variety of ammunition for different shooting applications. Proven by years of military and law enforcement service in multiple nations, the 223 Remington is accurate, reliable, and effective.

With the quality and reputation of Sierra, you have some of the best bullets in the world. If you are looking for explosive expansion, high accuracy, and incredible reliability for varmint and small game hunting, these Sierra BlitzKing, polymer tip bullets are just what you need. Each 50 grain bullet in this box of 500 offers the consistency and accuracy of Sierra's MatchKing line but with thinner jackets for added expansion.

Pick up a 500 piece box of these high quality Sierra BlitzKing projectiles today and hit the re-loading bench soon!

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