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Bullets - 243 (.243) - Mixed Bullet Types - Various Manufacturers - 250 Projectiles


(6.0¢ per round)

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Quantity - 250
Bullet - Mixed Weight and Type
Manufacturer - Various
Diameter- .243 Inches This is not loaded ammunition
Cost Per Round 6.0¢ per round
Bullet Weight Not Applicable
Caliber 243 Win, 6mm, 6mm BR, 6mm Remington
Bullet Diameter .243 inches
Quantity 250
Bullet Type Unknown
Manufacturer Mixed
Manufacturer SKU 243MIXEDBULLETS
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Expert and novice reloaders alike will enjoy the price relief of these mixed .243 inch diameter bullets. The measurement lends itself to loads in .243 Winchester and .243 WSSM as well as some 6mm BR workups for precision shooting. While we can guarantee that the bullets are all uniform in diameter, we cannot promise any specific tips, jacket types, or projectile weights.

These bullets all come from various brands and have been repackaged for sale after being inspected for damage. Most are sourced from overflow packaging, leaking bags, and other unfortunate circumstances which now benefit you, the home reloader, with a very affordable price. In addition, these projectiles are great for new handloaders that want to learn how to properly tune charges for various styles of bullets.
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