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Bullets - 270 Win (.277") - 130 Grain Power-Point - Winchester - 1000 Projectiles


(24.5¢ per round)

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Manufacturer - Winchester
Diameter - .277"
Bullet Weight - 130 grain
Jacket Type - Power-Point This is not loaded ammunition
Cost Per Round 24.5¢ per round
Bullet Weight 130 Grain
Caliber 270 Caliber, 270 Win, 270 WSM
Bullet Diameter .277 Inches
Quantity 1,000
Bullet Type Power-Point (PP)
Manufacturer Winchester
Manufacturer SKU WB270P130X
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Do not order these component bullets if you do not load your own ammunition. These are bullets only. Until they are outfitted with cases, propellant and primers, they’re just about as useful for hunting as golf pencils.

Are you loading your own 270 Win, 270 WSM, or other 0.277” caliber hunting ammunition? Stick to one of the most popular hunting bullets on the market – the Power-Point, by Winchester. It works just like any other soft point, as its nonmagnetic gilding metal jacket stops just short of concealing its soft lead core. Once the Power-Point has broken through the quarry’s hide, its notched jacket splits apart as its tip flattens down. The bullet proceeds to widen out, tumble around, and inflict a deleterious wound channel that capably kills any whitetail.

Winchester’s Power-Point is serviceable for hunting any medium game, but thanks to its economical design it is also a great choice for simple target practice.
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