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Bullets - 308 Win (.308") - 175 Grain Polymer Tip - Sierra Tipped MatchKing - 100

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Quantity - 100 bullets per box
Manufacturer - Sierra
Bullets - 175 Grain Polymer Tip
Diameter - .308" This is not loaded ammunition
Bullet Weight 175 Grain
Caliber 30 Caliber, 30-06, 30-30 Win, 300 AAC Blackout, 300 Rem Ultra Mag, 300 Savage, 300 Win Mag, 300 Win Short Mag, 300 WSM, 308 Win
Bullet Diameter .308 Inches
Quantity 100
Bullet Type Polymer Tipped
Manufacturer Sierra Bullets
Manufacturer SKU 7775
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The 308 Winchester is one of the most popular and effective hunting rounds on the market. Originally used as an infantry service round for the US Military, the 308 has been used all over the world as a fantastic match and hunting round as well. However, these 308 bullets can be used for many more calibers than just the 308 Winchester. If you are looking to load up rounds for your 300 Win Mag, or rifles that take a 7.62mm, these 308 bullets are perfect for you.

Sierra has for years been recognized as one of the most capable bullet manufacturers in the world. No matter whether you are looking to hunt, range train, or compete in a prestigious shooting match, Sierra is there for you. Sierra MatchKing bullets, in particular, have gained international fame for their incredible accuracy. These polymer tipped, 175 grain, Sierra MatchKing bullets are perfect for you to take into your next shooting competition, helping you have that edge over the other competitors you need to win.

**This is not loaded ammunition.**
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