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Buying Ammo in California

NOTE: The details and information pertaining to California gun and ammo laws is meant as a reference point only. As you're likely aware, California firearm laws change frequently so be sure to talk to an attorney or consult your local law enforcment agency before making any final firearms related decisions.

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California Ammo Laws

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There are a number of laws pertaining to firearms ownership and buying ammo in California, making it one of the most difficult states for gun owners in the nation. Generally, you can buy ammo in California if you are over 21 years old and are legally eligible to purchase and/or own a firearm.

Armor piercing rounds are generally not legal in California and state law will not allow the purchase of 50 BMG ammunition. Additionally, there are restrictions on magazines that do not allow you to buy magazines larger than 10 rounds. Of course, all federal laws also apply in the Golden State.

Restrictions On Online Ammo Sales In California

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Lucky Gunner is able to ship ammunition to California but starting in 2018, retailers can no longer legally ship to customers' doors:

  • All ammunition must be shipped to a Licensed Ammo Vendor in the state.
  • We've built a network of ammo vendors willing to do transfers to our customers and integrated it into our checkout. These ammo vendors are likely to charge a transfer fee (typically $15-$20).
  • Lucky Gunner is able to ship ammo directly to Type 3 FFL Holders (Curious & Relics). However, these FFLs are only allowed to legally "import" ammunition to California for personal use.

Our Average Ammo Shipping Speeds To California

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Shipping to California from Lucky Gunner generally takes about 5 business days depending upon your proximity to a major metro area. Rural residents may have a slightly longer wait as UPS and FedEx transit times are typically longer the farther from a metro area you live.

California CCW Gun Laws

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Check out this run-down on all the CCW laws in California, broken down by municipality.

California FFL Dealers

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Here's a list of all of the FFL dealers in California, sorted by location.

Federal Representatives From California

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Here's a current list of the representatives from California to the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. These people vote on federal judges who directly impact your 2A rights and can play a huge role on our rights as a community of sport shooters and gun owners!

Where To Shoot In California

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Check out this tool to locate shooting ranges in California.  Sort by distance from a particular zip code or by a list of amenities.

California State Firearm Associations

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Here are a handful of California-specific firearms groups which protect your rights in the state and can guide you toward other firearms-related issues:

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