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Casings - 223 Rem - Once Fired Lake City Brass - 1000

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Quantity - 1,000 casings (loose packed in a bag)
Manufacturer - Lake City and other military manufacturers such as WCC
Manufacturer Lake City
Ammo Caliber .223 Remington
Quantity 1,000
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If you're a serious reloader interested in keeping your costs low and your quality high, then try our military 223/5.56 brass casings. These once fired Military 223/5.56 brass casings are largely Lake City head stamped with the remaining portion being WCC or other military headstamps.

This brass has been polished in a corn cob/walnut media mixture along with our proven additives to give it a high luster finish. This brass has not been processed (re-sized) yet and is ready for you to process and then load.

This brass has a crimp and will provide great quality for your reloading needs.
This is once-fired 223 Remington Lake City brass loose packed in 1,000 casing lots!
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