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Champion Black Mesh Shell Bag


51 In Stock


Manufacturer - Champion
Model # - 45850
Material - Nylon
Color - Black
Color Black
Length 11"
Width 8"
Height 3"
Manufacturer Champion
UPC Barcode 076683458506
Manufacturer SKU 45850
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We’ve all had to resort to filling our pants pockets with shotgun shells at some point or another. This typically happens to people who go to the clay target range without bringing a shell pouch. The other, better-prepared shooters may not say anything while you’re fishing around for your next shell, but deep down inside you know they’re judging you.

This shell pouch by Champion (with Federal Premium’s branding) is all that you need to save face. The lightweight nylon pouch won’t bog you down while you’re trying to focus on aiming, and its comfortable strap fits snugly around the waist to prevent distraction. The mesh pouch itself holds an entire 25-round box of shells. Its secondary pouches are perfect for storing chokes and other miscellanea you’ll need in your box.

Please be sure that this isn’t a tactical accessory! Champion’s shotgun shell pouch lacks any sort of covering to secure ammo in place.
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