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D&H Industries AR-15 Magazine - 6.5 Grendel 10 Round - Black

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Quantity - 1 Magazine
Capacity - 10 Rounds
Caliber - 6.5 Grendel
Firearm Platform - AR-15
Magazine Capacity 10 Rounds
Ammo Caliber 6.5 Grendel
Firearm Compatibility AR-15
Manufacturer D & H Industries
Manufacturer SKU DHT-12038
Quantity 1
UPC Barcode R062120194417
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Wisconsin makes a lot of great things. Could you imagine a world without cheese? We bet you never expected Lucky Gunner to ask you to do something so heinous. But it’s not just great fromage that the state’s known for -- they are also home to D&H Industries, which makes great magazines. Here’s your opportunity to own one for your 6.5 Grendel rifle!

This AR-15 magazine is made out of high quality aluminum. It is sturdy enough that you can really mistreat it without worry for its safety! This magazine’s 17-7 PH stainless steel spring will do its job for ages, and will retain its elasticity even if you leave it loaded for extended periods of time. D&H Industries’ products are often relied upon in life or death situations, which they really take to heart. That’s why this magazine has been inspected and tested to a fare thee well, and is certain to have perfect feed lip dimensions and spring compression.
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