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Ear Protection - 5 Pair Blister Pack - Radians/Remington - 32NRR

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Manufacturer - Radians
Model - 5 pair blister pack
Manufacturer sku - P30RD
Manufacturer Radians
Manufacturer SKU P30RD
Quantity 5
Protection Type Hearing Protection
UPC Barcode 674326220574
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Some people really love tinnitus. For the rest of us, there's high quality hearing protection like these foam earplugs manufactured by Radians and sold under license as a Remington brand product. These disposable earplugs come in a pack of 5 pairs with a plastic carrying case. Putting them on is a simple matter of squeezing the soft material and inserting the plug, which expands slowly to fill the ear cavity (thereby avoiding painful air pressure buildup inside your ear).

Each pair offers 32NRR, or noise reduction rating, which translates to a noise level reduction of about 12 decibels. Since the decibel scale is exponential, 12db is a fairly strong level of protection. For additional hearing protection, these compact plugs can also be worn under earmuffs.

These earplugs aren't just great for shooting--you can wear them when operating power equipment or when trying to sleep with loud environmental distractions like barking dogs or loud music.

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