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Ear Plugs - Radians Resistor 32 Disposable Foam Plugs - 32 NRR - 1 Pair

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Quantitiy - 1 pair per bag
Manufacturer - Radians Safety
Manufacturer SKU- FP8000RD
NRR - 32 dB
Manufacturer Radians
Manufacturer SKU FP8000RD/100
Quantity 1
Protection Type Hearing Protection
UPC Barcode 674326262543
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Pick up one or two of these foam earplug packages to throw in your range bag and supplement your electronic muffs. Each pair of Resistor 32 earplugs is contained within its own baggie to prevent bacterial buildup until use. The pair slides easily into a pocket, pistol bag, or car door. Radians makes the plugs themselves out of soft foam material which is easily squished to fit in any size ear and just as easily thrown away when the day is done. This design is cheap, efficient, and interfaces with earmuffs without breaking the protective seal for those that want double protection.

Radians plugs are have been tested to offer a consistent noise reduction rating (NRR) of up to 32 decibels; that makes these plugs sufficient for most calibers, even at indoor ranges. Radians Safety is an American company that specializes in protective equipment for sportsmen and sportswomen, police officers, construction workers, and factory experts. Their products are backed by over ten years of experience and made in either Tennessee, South Carolina, or Nevada.
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