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Earmuffs - Champion - Passive Earmuffs - 27 NRR - 1 Set

  • Large image of Champion Passive Earmuffs For Sale - 27 NRR - Champion Hearing Protection in Stock

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Manufacturer - Champion
Manufacturer SKU - 42821
NRR - 27 dB
Color - Pink
Manufacturer Champion
Manufacturer SKU 42821
Quantity 1
Protection Type Hearing Protection
UPC Barcode 076683428219
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Any noise louder than 120 decibels can immediately damage your ears. That means even a little 22 LR rifle is loud enough to permanently weaken your sense of hearing! Now, we know you’ve got a lot of important stuff to listen to on a day-to-day basis, so we pretty much have to insist that you order some high quality hearing protection.

Champion’s passive (aka not battery powered) earmuffs are a low-tech yet effective solution for hearing protection. Their 27 decibel noise reduction rating is sufficient to muffle even the loudest rifle or pistol’s report. Their padded ear cups and headband make all-day shooting comfortable as can be. Their collapsible design makes them easy to transport – not to mention fully adjustable to the largest and smallest craniums.

But the best thing about this set of shooting earmuffs? They’re a pretty shade of pink, so they’re going to match all of your cutest outfits!
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