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Gun Cleaning BoreSnake - Hoppe's - .30-.308 Caliber Rifle - 1


28 In Stock


Manufacturer - Hoppe's
Caliber - .30-.308
Manufacturer Hoppe's
Manufacturer SKU 24015D
UPC Barcode 026285001044
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Few things are more enjoyable than shooting. Knowing that every cell in your body is working together to make each of your shots as accurate as possible is enlightening, and seeing your target populate with tightly grouped little holes is a great reward for so much practice. That’s why you owe it to your firearm to keep it in the best condition possible, a perfectly manageable feat if you’ve got your very own Hoppe’s BoreSnake.

Cleaning your firearm has never been easier thanks to Hoppe’s BoreSnake. The woven cotton cotton cord features a brass weight at its end so you can easily pass it through a firearm’s barrel. Once inside, the cord’s integrated bronze brush thoroughly scrubs lead and carbon fouling off of the bore, and because the BoreSnake’s surface area is 160 times greater than that of a traditional cotton patch it’s able to make quick work of even the dirtiest bore. Best of all, this BoreSnake comes in its own convenient carrying case, the lid of which serves as a pull handle. Don’t suffer a dirty bore for one instant longer than you have to -- invest in Hoppe’s revolutionary BoreSnake today!
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