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Gun Cleaning Cotton Patches - Hoppe's - .22-.270 Caliber - 500 patches


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Quantity - 500 patches per bag
Manufacturer - Hoppe's
Material - Cotton
Caliber Range - .22 -.270 Caliber (1-1/8" square)
Manufacturer Hoppe's
Manufacturer SKU 1202S
UPC Barcode 026285515091
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In Harry Brown, Michael Caine plays a sort of elderly British Paul Kersey, bent on cleaning up his neighborhood by any means necessary. Those means were hard to come by for him thanks to Great Britain’s strict gun laws, so he had to meet with a rather sketchy black market arms dealer in order to buy a pistol. The deal soured quickly, and the unsavory fellow was about to give Caine a structurally superfluous new hole in his head, but his pistol didn’t work because he had been using it to smoke some sort of contraband substance beforehand. “You failed to maintain your weapon, son,” said Caine, right before he very effectively retaliated.

While we at Lucky Gunner in no way endorse any of the illegal activities depicted in Harry Brown, we do feel that this scene was illustrative of the necessity of keeping your firearms in good working order -- letting his pistol fall into disrepair meant that particular punk’s fish and chips eating days were over. If you invest in these 500 gun cleaning patches by Hoppe’s, which are uniformly woven, ultra absorbent, and pre-cut to work best in rifles and pistols ranging in caliber from 22 LR to 270 Win, you’ll have just what you need to keep your bores spotless for a long time coming. If you plan on cleaning up the streets, however, please do so productively by volunteering in youth programs and donating to food shelves.
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