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Gun Cleaning Cotton Patches - Hoppe's - .270-.35 Calibers - 650 Patches


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Quantity - 650 patches per bag
Manufacturer - Hoppe's
Material - Cotton
Caliber Range - .270-.35 (1-1/2" square)
Manufacturer Hoppe's
Manufacturer SKU 1203S
UPC Barcode 026285515107
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The Doc from Back to the Future might have known a few things about time travel, but apparently he knew quite a bit less about how to maintain a firearm. Had his pearl handled revolver not misfired in the beginning of Back to the Future, and he’d have been able to properly dispatch of the Libyans, Marty might never have gone back in time. Sure, then there’d be no movie, but it’s still a point worth raising.

If you’d rather not wind up like Doc, then you ought to invest in these quality bore cleaning patches. They are uniformly woven, extremely absorbent, and pre-cut to fit best in firearms chambered for calibers ranging from .270 to .35. Sure, cutting an old pair of pajama pants down into little squares might be a fun way to spend an evening, but with these handy patches you’ll have everything you need to get the cleaning out of the way right away.
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