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Gun Cleaning Cotton Patches - Outers - .30-.45 Caliber - 225 patches

Out of stock


Quantity - 225 patches per bag
Manufacturer - Outers
Material - Cotton
Caliber Range - .30 caliber to .45 caliber including 308 Win, 30-06, 30-30, 357 Magnum, 9mm, 38 Special, 40 S&W, 10mm, 45 ACP, 45 GAP, .50 caliber muzzleloader (2"x2” squares)
Manufacturer Outers
Manufacturer SKU 42386PDQ
UPC Barcode 076683423863
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Don’t cut up your old shirts to make firearm cleaning patches. Save them to donate to charity, or make your dog wear them whenever you need a good chuckle. (“Look, he thinks he’s people!”) When you need to clean your firearm, use Outers’ cleaning patches instead!

These 2”x2” patches are made of pure cotton, so they are great at absorbing cleaning and lubricating agents while gently wiping residue out of your barrel. They’re just as good for wiping leftover oils and moisture off of your valuable firearm to ensure it will stay in peak condition while you’re not using it.

Outers is a dedicated gun care company, so they take pride in cutting these patches to highly consistent dimensions. And if you need to clean a smaller caliber firearm, just cut a few of these patches in half!

You can also sew all 225 of these cotton patches into a really boring quilt if you have 8,000 hours to spare.
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