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Shotgun Snap-N-Pull Cleaning Kit - Gunslick - 1 kit

Out of stock


Manufacturer - Gunslick Pro
Manufacturer sku - 63008
caliber range - 10ga/12ga/20ga
Manufacturer Gunslick
Manufacturer SKU 63008
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Sanp-N-Pull Kits offer a great advantage for cleaning shotguns by providing speed and versatility. Snap-N-Pull cleaning kits are much faster than conventional rod cleaning kits. It also offers the advantage of a quick snapping system to switch to a different gauge making it easy to clean several different shotguns at the same time. The days of keeping multiple rods for each firearm are gone!

Gunslick Pro has an industry wide reputation for quality cleaning products at an affordable price. Gunslick Pro is owned by ATK, the manufacturer of CCI, Speer, and Federal ammunition.

This cleaning kit is specifically designed for cleaning shotguns.

Kit includes:

  • Flexible pull-through cable with Snap-Lock head
  • Detachable and ergonomic handle
  • Multiple caliber cleaning attachments
  • Non-toxic, Gunslick cleaning chemical that cleans, lubricates, and protects (CLP)
  • Cloth Patches
  • Durable carrying case
  • 5/16x27 thread adapter

Cleaning your gun regularly and keeping it lubricated will help maintain the value and workability of your gun for years and Gunslick has what you need!
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