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Gun Cleaning Kits - Bushmaster - Bore Squeeg-e Cleaning System - Military - 1 Kit

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Manufacturer - Bushmaster
Manufacturer sku - 93592
Caliber range - .22/5.56, .30Cal, 9mm/.357, .50Cal
Manufacturer Bushmaster
Manufacturer SKU 93592
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Bushmaster's Bore Squeeg-e Cleaning System allows cleaning of the chamber and bore for rifles and pistols without the use of cloth or patches.

This cleaning kit is designed for popular military calibers and includes the following:

  • Bore squeeg-e for the following calibers:
    • .22/ 5.56
      • .30 Cal
        • 9mm/ .357
          • .50 Cal/ .410 Ga

          • Additional items included:
            • .17 caliber* brass brush with sleeve
              • .45 caliber* nylon brush
                • Rifle and pistol length pull through cables with T-Handle
                  • Butterfly chamber brush
                    • Bushmaster's Master bore cleaner (1/2oz), rinse (1oz) and lubricant (1oz)
                      • 2x plastic squeeg-e storage containers
                        • Storage case

                        • *Cleaning system includes brushes for .17 and .45 calibers. Kit does not include a squeeg-e tool for these two calibers.

                          Cleaning your gun regularly and keeping it lubricated will help maintain the value and workability of your gun for years!
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