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GunVault AR-01 Rifle Magwell Lock - MagVault

Out of stock


Manufacturer - GunVault
Model - MagVault (AR-01)
Dimensions - 7.5" x 1.25" x 5"
Manufacturer Gunvault
Manufacturer SKU AR-01
Weight (empty) .36 lbs
Length 7.5"
Width 1.25"
Height 5"
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In a departure from their core line of digital handgun and rifle storage safes, GunVault has released the innovative MagVault AR-01, magazine well lock.

Unlike traditional trigger locks, which do not prevent the rifle to be loaded or a round from being chambered, the MagVault AR-01 locks directly into the firearms mag well, making the attachment of a magazine or the chambering of a round impossible.

As an added benefit, the MagVault's bright orange, glass-reinforced nylon, body acts as a chamber flag, quickly signalling that the weapon is in an unloaded and safe configuration.

The GunVault AR-01 is compatible with all standard .223/5.56 AR carbine rifles.

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