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Gun Foam - Gun Oil - 5 oz Aerosol Can - Gunslick

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Manufacturer - Gunslick
Manufacturer sku - 85104
Packaging - 5-oz foam oil aerosol can
Manufacturer Gunslick
Manufacturer SKU 85104
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Gunslick's Gun-Foam is ideal for lubrication and rust prevention. Gunslick's aerosol foam oil allows you to place a light layer of oil on metal parts that encounter friction to ensure it operates smoothly. Additionally, this oil is ideal for putting a light coat on exposed metal parts to prevent rust and corrosion.

Many firearm owners prefer aerosol foam oils for its ability to meter out a lighter coat of oil than traditional oils.

Gunslick Pro has an industry wide reputation for quality cleaning products at an affordable price. Gunslick Pro is owned by ATK, the manufacturer of CCI, Speer, and Federal ammunition.

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