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GunMate Green Scoped Rifle Case - 44”


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Manufacturer - GunMate
Model # - 22412
Material - Nylon
Color - Green
This case holds a 44" long rifle
Color Green
Manufacturer GunMate
UPC Barcode 638003224125
Manufacturer SKU 22412
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What are you? Some kind of barbarian who abuses their scoped rifle by letting it gather dust when it’s not in use, or get all scratched up while you’re hauling it back and forth to the range or the field? Or are you a patrician, who regards their valuable rifle with the utmost respect when you are not firing it? If you’re the latter, then you’ll definitely want to order this scoped rifle case by GunMate.

GunMate’s case features a rugged synthetic exterior, although its interior is nice and soft to avoid putting any horrifying scratches on your long gun and its scope. The interior liner material is additionally resistant to snagging. Lock the case’s zipper closed, or zip it all the way out when you want the case to lie open flat. And thanks to the case’s evenly placed wraparound nylon handles, your rifle will remain balanced and easy to carry while you’re taking it to and fro. As if all of that wasn’t enough, this rifle case is also green!
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