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Testimonials From Happy Lucky Gunner Customers

"Okay, so far I've dealt twice with LuckyGunner, and all I can say is, I LOVE YOUR COMPANY!!!!

Imagine: only items in stock are advertised. Who'da thunk, eh? The more highly advertised ones - Cheaper Than Dirt, Cabela's, et. al. - will put you on backorder forever and a day. But LuckyGunner - I ordered 500 shells of .45 ACP (hard to get in this "shortage") - and there it was at my address. No backorders, no bull. Business as it should be.

Yes, I'm telling my friends! I'm constantly writing down your addy on bits of paper (and running out of the latter), spreading the joyous news, "No backorders! No bull! Try LuckyGunner.com, you won't be sorry!" Thank you for being there for an ammo-starved public. And, thanks for the SUPERB customer service."

-- Walter J., Silverdale, WA --

"Monday morning, I was testing a new 22 pistol, and all the ammo that I had on hand was either standard velocity target ammo, or bulk-packed Federal and Winchester. None of it would reliably run the pistol.

Monday afternoon, I put in a call to Luckygunner to order some quality CCI and Remington Yellow Jacket. By Wednesday afternnon, I had the ammo unpacked and running through the pistol. That is fast shipping, and the quality ammo runs perfectly through the new pistol. The last lot of 5000 Federal bulk hollowpoint that I bought at Walmart is crap, and will not fire reliably in any 22 rifle or pistol.

The stuff that Luckygunner shipped all works perfectly. Some guns run pretty well on junk ammo, but some need the premium stuff, and Luckygunner sells the good stuff..."

-- Jeff Quinn, Feature Editor - GunBlast.com --

"Good Morning!

Earlier in the week I ordered numerous boxes of assorted handgun ammunition...they all arrived yesterday...to say I was pleased would be an understatement!

After checking out a number of my usual sources for hand gun ammunition and finding their stock ranging from dismal to non-existent, I went searching elsewhere online. I discovered the vast majority of sites led the consumer to believe they stocked the rounds needed only to discover everything was "back-ordered". When I found your site, everything advertised was in fact on-hand and ready to go...I only waited for the shipment arrival to determine whether I had found my new source for ammo needs or not. LuckyGunner.com came through with flying colors!

Please pass on my compliments and appreciation to your company management...your business model is a rare find and will only bring in more customers as the word gets out...I plan to help with all of my friends and shooting associates...word of mouth goes a long way to the success or failure of an operation. I will pass on nothing but praise...Good job!"

-- Milan L., St. Louis, MO --

The process to order from LuckyGunner was so easy and the shipment so fast, I passed your information onto my friends to order from your organization... It is great to see a company with such high standards for customer service and focus on customer satisfaction. I will be ordering from you again soon!

"My dad ordered some product off this site on something like a Thursday morning and received it two days later at 10:00 AM on a Saturday. Insanely fast! I have heard that this company has some kind of very automated shipping/inventory system. I guess that is how they display real-time inventory on their site and how they ship so D***** fast. Anyhow, we were impressed."

"LuckyGunner.com is my first choice supplier in ammo for all of my guns. They are the best on the internet and I recommend them highly. I am a fairly new gun owner but I got into it in a big way with a Sig 45, a Sig 40, two 380's (one Sig & one Ruger LCP), a Seecamp 32, and a Remington 12 gauge. The guns I wanted were difficult enough to find, but trying to find ammo for them was a very bad experience until I ran across Lucky Gunner. Ammo for the 380 and 32 ACP calibers was particularly hard to find but Lucky Gunner had what I needed, and their pricing and shipping costs are reasonable. Their website may not be the fanciest on the internet but it is clean, fast and easy to use, and it shows what is in stock (and it really is in stock). Their customer service is absolutely the best! I have placed quite a few orders with them and they have always had what they said they had. They have always shipped the same day or the next day at the latest, and they keep you updated by email and give you a tracking number when it has shipped. Too many other big websites were always out of stock or they showed it "in stock" but the orders were still "in processing" two weeks later. Those were very frustrating experiences. I am glad I found LuckyGunner.com and hope this will save some others from going through all the grief I went through before getting there."

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