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Holster - Ankle - Sticky Holsters Anklebiter Wrap System - Ambidextrous - 1

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Holster Type - Leg Wrap
Manufacturer - Sticky Holsters
Model # - 858426004214
Hand - Ambidextrous
Manufacturer Sticky Holsters
Manufacturer SKU 858426004214
Hand Ambidextrous
Type Ankle Holster
UPC Barcode 858426004214
Color Black
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The AnkleBiter Wrap System by Sticky Holster works in conjunction with virtually any pistol holster so that you can securely affix your firearm around your ankle, where it will be concealed by your pant leg and remain totally inconspicuous. The durable fabric strap has Velcro strips on either side and it is infinitely adjustable, so you may quickly secure your holstered firearm either to your ankle or over the top of your uniform’s boot.

You may comfortably combine the AnkleBiter with any clipless Sticky Holster product, or even one with a clip if you so choose. This system is optimal for small firearms, and can even accommodate an extra mag or a knife as well, but what it’s limited to carrying is defined only by the width of your pant leg. We theorize that MC Hammer would be able to conceal an entire Gatling gun in his pants with one one of these.
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