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Gun Solvent - 5 oz Bottle - Hoppes No. 9 Synthetic Bore Cleaner

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Manufacturer - Hoppe's
Type - Solvent
Capacity - 5 oz. bottle
Manufacturer sku - 904G
Manufacturer Hoppe's
Manufacturer SKU 904G
UPC Barcode 026285230024
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No gun cleaning kit is complete without a bottle of Hoppe's #9 bore cleaner and solvent. This recently introduced synthetic variant, optimized for modern firearms, is gaining popularity among shooters due to its effectiveness in helping eliminate carbon, copper, lead fouling, unburnt powder, and other residues accumulating in firearms after prolonged use. It will not damage firearm materials including polymers, metals, and rubber, and is non-flammable and biodegradable. Pour some Hoppe's #9 on a patch or brush and scrub your gun clean before lubing for reliable operation in the field or on the range.
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