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Hoppe’s Pistol Cleaning Kit - .38, .357, & 9mm


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Manufacturer - Hoppe's
Manufacturer SKU - PC038
Manufacturer Hoppe's
Manufacturer SKU PC038B
UPC Barcode 026285511499
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Objectively, your pistol is strictly an inanimate object, little more a collection of metal bits that come together to form a whole. That said, you may attach any importance to it that you like. Maybe it’s your grandfather’s pistol, a birthright that you’ve every intention of keeping in your family forever. Maybe it’s a “barbecue gun” that you want to keep pristine no matter how many condiments you accidentally spill on it. Maybe that pistol represents your will to come home from work safe and sound every day. In any event, your pistol deserves the best treatment you can give it. Give it just that with Hoppe’s pistol cleaning kit.

This kit features the bronze brush and nylon tip you need to totally clean out the bore of any .38, .357, or 9mm pistol that you please. Its aluminum rod is easy to wield courtesy of its large black plastic handle. This kit includes a 2oz. Bottle of Hoppe’s famous No. 9 bore cleaner, which quickly eliminates powder, lead, metal fouling, and rust from any surface it’s applied to. (The liquid comes in a bottle with a childproof cap, but please don’t give your kid an opportunity to test it.) This kit also includes a 2.25oz. bottle of Hoppe’s lubricating oil, an absolute must application for any type of firearm to receive.
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