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Magazine Loader - Glock 45 ACP - SGM Tactical - 1

  • Large image of Cheap Glock Magazine Loader for 45 ACP by SGM Tactical for sale at LuckyGunner.com

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Quantity - 1 Magazine Loader
Manufacturer Sku - SGMTGSL45
Calibers - Glock .45 ACP Magazines
Ammo Caliber .45 ACP (Auto)
Manufacturer SGM Tactical
Manufacturer SKU SGMTGSL45
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Save your thumbs from frustration and your time from wasting with this simple and inexpensive magazine loader from SGM Tactical.

This magazine loader is compatible with all double-stack Glock magazines .45 ACP. With no moving parts to break and no complicated functions, this is one of the most cost-effective loaders that you can tote in your range bag.

Simply seat your magazine baseplate on a solid surface and slip this loader over the top. When you press downwards, the follower will sink down allowing enough room to insert the first cartridge. Pull the loader up in order to clear the path for the round to insert fully and then repeat the process until your magazine is loaded to desired capacity. No more busted or cut thumbs during hectic matches and classes!

SGM Tactical is a company based in Tennessee, U.S. and is well known around the nation for their supplies and magazines aimed towards VEPRs, Saigas, and Glocks. In the rare event of a factory defect, SGM Tactical warranties their products for replacement up to five years after purchase.
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