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Mil Spec Suprlus Ammo Can - Fat 50 - Green - Surplus Fair Condition - 1

Out of stock


Manufacturer Military Surplus
Manufacturer SKU Fat50
Quantity 1
Ammo Caliber Not Applicable
Length 12.5"
Width 7.25"
Height 8.75"
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We had a few "Fat 50" cans show up with our last purchase of surplus ammo cans. Fat 50's aren't just wider than the standard M2A1 can, they are also a little bit taller as well. The cans are 8.75" tall, 12.5" long, and 7.25" wide -- big enough to hold lot's of ammo for long-term storage.

These cans have functioning air-tight seals, but since they were used by our US military, they show some signs of wear and tare. Some cans may have rust spots and scratches, and some may have military markings on them. But they will still do a great job keeping your ammo safe, and since they are used you can get them for a big discount! We don't have many, so hurry and grab a few before we run out!
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