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Buying Ammo in New York

NOTE: The details and information pertaining to New York ammo laws are meant as a reference point only. New York firearm laws change frequently so talk to an attorney or consult your local law enforcement agency before making any final firearms-related decisions.

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New York Ammo Laws

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The New York SAFE Act makes ammo purchases much more difficult than in other states. For starters, the SAFE Act requires that ammo be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) or a Registered Seller of Ammunition. Next, beginning September 13, 2023, the SAFE Act also requires that the FFL or Registered Seller of Ammunition perform a background check on the purchaser before transferring the ammunition. Finally, the SAFE Act bans magazines with capacities greater than 10 rounds. New York prohibits armor-piercing ammunition. Additionally, all federal laws apply across the Empire State.

Restrictions On Online Ammo Sales In New York

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Due to local regulations, Lucky Gunner cannot ship ammo to New York City, Great Neck Estates, or Skaneateles. We cannot ship magazines to Buffalo or Rochester. Fortunately, Lucky Gunner is able to ship ammo to the rest of New York State, but we must ship through a FFL or Registered Seller of Ammunition. Beginning September 13, 2023, the FFL or Registered Seller of Ammunition will be required to perform a background check before transferring the ammunition to the customer.

Here are the steps to order ammo online for New Yorkers:

Step One:

Use the LuckyGunner.com site as you normally would and proceed to check-out.

Step Two:

When you place your order, enter a shipping address as if we could ship directly to you. In other words, enter the location to which we would ideally ship your order, and click Continue.

Following this, our system will display two lists. The first list is all of our Lucky Gunner approved transferors, listed in distance from you in order of closest to farthest. These are transferors with whom we have worked before. If you choose one of these transferors, your checkout process is complete and you can skip to Step 4 below!

The second list shows FFLs or Registered Sellers of Ammunition in your area who are not yet approved to work with Lucky Gunner. If you want to choose a non-approved transferor or you would like to submit a new transferor, continue to Step 3.

Checkout process for New York ammo shoppers

Step Three (Non-approved transferor or new transferor only):

If your preferred dealer is not on the approved list, we will need a copy of their license and a completed copy of this transfer agreement (this link includes a place to upload the license). Once the dealer has completed those tasks, they’ll be added to our approved list for easy processing in the future.

Step Four:

It is time to ship out your order! We will send your tracking information the evening that your order ships so that you can track your package to the FFL/Registered Seller of Ammunition of your choosing. We also send an automatic email to your chosen dealer informing them of the coming shipment and providing them with the tracking number and your phone number and email. We do this so that they can contact you if there is an issue or early arrival of your package. Most shipments will arrive in two business days from the date of your order if you order by 3:00 PM (EST).

Step Five:

After your package has been delivered, you must pick up your order in person from the FFL/Registered Seller of Ammunition. Please plan to pick up your shipment as quickly as possible so that you can notify us if there are any issues. When you go to pick up your package, the FFL/Registered Seller of Ammunition will be required to perform a state-mandated background check on you before transferring your package into your possession. This background check is managed by the New York State Police. If you pass the background check, the FFL/Registered Seller of Ammunition will give you your ammo and make a permanent record of the date and time of the transfer. If you do not pass the background check, the FFL/Registered Seller of Ammunition will be prohibited from giving you your ammo and will instead be required to return it to Lucky Gunner's warehouse.

To see a map of the the FFL and Registered Seller of Ammunition's location, simply click their name in the table below and you'll see a new window pop up with a Google Map that has the details.

New York FFLs Who Have Agreed to Transfer Ammo

Map of FFL's doing ammo transfers in New York

City FFL/Registered Ammunition Seller Address Zip Code State Phone Number Transfer Fee
Albany NY Shooter Supply 1593 Central Ave. 12205 NY 518-414-3273 $15/shipment
Albertson Hunters Essentials 900 Willis Avenue 11507 NY 516-741-5243 15%/transaction
Alfred Station Jericho Syndicates LLC 5399 CR Rd 12 14803 NY 585-610-7977 $1/transaction
Amagansett Amagansett Hardware - Herb Kiembock 151 Main Street 11930 NY 631-267-3536 $70/transaction
Amsterdam Kim Graff's Trading Post 144 Langley Road 12010 NY $25/transaction
Arkport Schultheis Sporting Goods 8 Main Street 14807 NY 607-295-7485 No Fee
Attica Ken's Shooting Supply 24 Genesee Street 14011 NY 585-591-0339 $10/shipment
Auburn Nick's Guns 6824 Swamp Road 13021 NY 315-751-0846 $15/shipment
Baldwinsville Double T Shooting Sports 4501 Bally Gar Road 13027 NY 315-427-7540 $5/transaction
Bath Finger Lakes Gun Supply 221 Liberty Street 14810 NY 607-776-1659 $0/transaction
Baldwinsville Mark's Guns 2655 Connors Road 13027 NY 315-857-5447 $25/transaction
Beacon OPS1 Tactical Supply 397 A Fishkill Avenue 12508 NY 845-831-1323 $25/transaction
Bemus Point Winchester Armament Inc. 4373 Maple Grove Road 14712 NY 716-664-0498 $10/transaction
Bergen The Firing Pin 8240 Buffalo Road 14416 NY 585-494-0333 $10/transaction
Binghamton FMK Karate 782 Chenango Street 13901 NY 607-427-1900 $10/transaction
Binghamton Southern Tier Sportsman 1152 Upper Front Street 13905 NY 607-773-0264 $15/transaction
Bohemia Jerry's Firearms and Supplies 436 B Central Avenue 11716 NY 631-410-4473 $15/transaction
Brewerton Firearm Funerals and Resurrections LLC 9677 Black Creek Road 13029 NY 315-676-2073 $0/transaction
Bridge Hampton Survivability Services International LLC 112 Maple Lane 11932 NY 631-204-8110 $20/transaction
Broadalbin American Trading Lodge 12 Spring Street 12025 NY 518-848-6794 $30/transaction
Burke Northern Sporting Supply 381 Burke Belmont Townline Road 12917 NY 518-483-4315 $20/transaction
Burlington Flats Mayne's Sporting Goods 766 Fish & Game Road 13315 NY 607-965-8096 $10/transaction
Caledonia Ammo Bee and Guns 2952 W Main Street 14423 NY 585-538-4010 $20/transaction
Canandaigua Top Notch Firearm Sales 155 Chapin Street 14424 NY 585-474-9220 $0/transaction
Castleton On Hudson B.E.L. Custom Firearms 1696 Birchen Bend 12033 NY 518-732-4152 $10/shipment
Central Square Walter Whalen Gun Sales 3744 State Rt. 49 13036 NY 315-430-6968 $5/1,000 rounds
Chester G's Shooting Sports 1 Errins Trail 10918 NY 845-497-2263 $10/shipment
Chester Thin Blue Line Armory 8 Reputation Drive 10918 NY 845-476-7034 $10/shipment
Chestertown The Crossroads 40 Dixon Road 12817 NY 518-494-3821 No fee
Churchville Black Creek Firearms 22 E. Buffalo Street 14428 NY 585-489-9867 $20/transaction
Clintondale Jonietz, Klaus 1056 Rt 44-55 12515 NY 914-466-3430 $10/transaction
Congers Rockland Arms 101 Lakewood Drive 10920 NY 914-755-6453 $20/transaction
Corfu South Lake Munitions 9348 South Lake Road 14036 NY 585-815-1531 $0.01/round
Cortland Rockland Arms & Ammo 3901 Route 281 13045 NY 607-756-5380 $10/transaction
Coxsackie Coxsackie Gun & Bow 219 Mansion Street 12051 NY 518-731-4422 $10/transaction
Cuba Jan's Outdoor Supply 13 W. Main Street 14727 NY 585-968-2152 $10/transaction
Delmar Herbach Sporting Goods 61 Meadowland St. 12054 NY 518-439-5670 $10/500 rounds
Depew Wolcott Guns 3052 Walden Ave. 14043 NY 716-901-7807 $15/transaction
Dover Plains Eagle Ridge Firearms LLC 106 Park Drive 12522 NY 845-877-3227 $5/transaction
Dover Plains RTB Arms - Luis Collazo 40 Craig Lane 12522 NY 845-877-0204 $10/transaction
Dryden Bolt Works Tactical Firearms 129 Beam Hill Road 13053 NY 607-342-1305 $10/transaction
East Aurora Oak Hollow Firearms 1080 Blakeley Road 14052 NY 716-652-0406 $5/transaction
East Berne Helderberg Mountain Lures 150 Brookhaven Drive 12059 NY 518-872-1527 $15/transaction
East Hampton First Freedom Firearms 38 Bucks Path 11937 NY 631-834-2436 $20/transaction
East Northport Karp's Hardware - Alan Talman 2 Larkfield Road 11731 NY 631-261-1235 $10/transaction
East Quogue E L Ryder Hardware, Inc. 494 Montauk Hwy 11942 NY 631-653-5277 $20/case
Eldred Russell's Gun Repair 91 Airport Road 12732 NY 917-653-6458 $10/transaction
Elmira Pugh Self Protection and Combatives 329 Noble Street 14901 NY 315-725-9939 $0/transaction
Elmsford Blueline Tactical and Police Supply 444 Saw Mill River Rd 10523 NY 914-560-8431 $25/transaction
Endicott McLain's Sporting Goods 1001 Union Center Maine Hwy Box 5 13760 NY 607-786-1214 $25/transaction
Endwell Timber Creek Sportsman Shop 100 Lee Avenue Suite 2 13760 NY 607-239-6511 $35/transaction
Evans Mills Van Tassel's Gunsmithing 30412 NY State Rt 37 13637 NY 315-629-4774 $10/transaction
Floral Park Mammone & Company 214 Plainfield Avenue 11001 NY 516-488-6369 $50/transaction
Fort Drum Ft. Drum Installation MWR P-1115 Iraqi Freedom Dr. 13602 NY 315-772-5169 $10/transaction
Freeville Jim's Guns & Supplies 7 Cook St 13068 NY 607-327-1062 $0/transaction
Frewsburg Shaffers Shooting Supplies, Inc. 21 Nash Avenue 14738 NY 716-569-4099 $10/transaction
Gansevoort Reliable Retail Systems, Inc. 20 St. Johns Drive 12831 NY 518-365-7825 $30/transaction
Geneva Hessney Auction Company 2741 Rt 14 North 14456 NY 315-789-9349 $10/transaction
German J Bar S 3074 Country Route 2 13040 NY 607-373-9506 $15/transaction
Ghent Columbia Police Supplies 2270 Route 66 12075 NY 518-392-2657 $5/transaction
Gouverneur Bowman, Timothy 337 County Route 11 13642 NY 315-489-0030 $5/transaction
Grand Island Double Tap Firearms 31 Elsie Lane 14072 NY 716-775-0528 $10/1,000 rounds
Greenwich Greenwich Guns and Ammo 146 Rabbit Road 12834 NY 518-692-7722 $25/transaction
Hamburg Iron Sight LLC 179 Holiday Ln 14075 NY 716-316-6114 $10/transaction
Hamburg Tristate Firearms 3736 Sowles Road 14075 NY 716-868-7068 $10/transaction
Hampton Bays Cortland Raynor 91 West Montauk Hwy 11946 NY 516-480-1363 $5/transaction
Hankins Fernwood Firearms LLC 10774 State Route 97 Box 35 12741 NY 845-887-5510 $0/transaction
Harrison L & L Sports 261 Halstead Avenue 10528 NY 914-835-4145 $10/transaction
Hicksville Platinum Firearms LLC 340 W Old Country Road 11801 NY 516-210-6000 $25/transaction
Hilton EGP Outfitters 420 Moul Road 14468 NY 585-270-1843 $10/transaction
Holland Patent Nine Mile Firearms - Joseph Diana 7435 Hoffman Road 13354 NY 315-982-3904 No Fee
Horseheads Edward Denkenberger 369 Barnes Hill Road 14845 NY 607-739-1778 $5/transaction
Huntington Station The Camp-Site Sport Shop, Inc. 1877 New York Avenue 11746 NY 631-271-4969 $10/transaction
Huntington Station Coastline Group, Inc. 250 West Jericho Tpke. 11746 NY 631-351-4571 $5/transaction
Hurley Gill, Walter A. 220 Canary Hill Rd. PO Box 2 12443 NY 845-338-9349 $5/transaction
Interlaken Interlaken Guns and Ammo 8268 Main Street 14847 NY 607-532-4867 $10/transaction
Irving Twin Firearms 12212 Versailles Silver Creek Road 14081 NY 716-220-2636 $10/transaction or 10%, whichever is greater
Jasper Jasper Junction Mini Mart 3857 St. Rt. 417 14855 NY 607-558-4002 $5/transaction
Java Center Wyoming Gun 685 Welch Road 14082 NY 585-457-9598 $0/transaction
Johnson City Valley Gun Shop 298 Main Street 13790 NY 607-797-3378 $5/transaction
Johnstwon Johnstown Hi-Performance Center 4 South Perry Street 12095 NY 518-762-8014 $5/transaction
Katonah Estate Property Services, Inc. 78 Edgmont Road 10536 NY 914-301-5828 $10/transaction
Kenmore Joe's Panini Grill 3024 Delaware Avenue 14217 NY 716-877-6829 $5/transaction
Kendall Building Your Dreams 1796 Kendall Road 14476 NY 585-233-7960 $10/transaction
Kent East Kent Trader 1496 East Kent Road 14477 NY 585-698-0275 $10/transaction
Kent North Coast Armory 14391 Lakeshore Road 14477 NY 585-729-9881 $12.50/transaction
Kirkwood Victory Firearms 488 Johnson Road 13795 NY 607-222-0192 $10/transaction
Lackawanna H & H Firearms 659 Ridge Road 14218 NY 716-822-1043 $15/transaction
Lackawanna Lake Erie Arms 96 Brinker Road 14218 NY 716-823-7933 $10/transaction
Lafargeville Thousand Islands Armory 37919 Route 180 13656 NY 315-658-2375 $10/transaction (CALL FIRST)
Lake Luzerne Northwoods Firearms 34 Gage Hill Drive 12846 NY 518-696-9969 $20/transaction
Lake Placid Adirondack Services 18 Nash Street 12946 NY 518-523-2431 $10/transaction
Lakeville Gun Trader 5812 Big Tree Road 14480 NY 585-346-2567 $15/transaction
Lewis Denton's Gun Repair and Sales 170 Redmond Road 12993 NY 518-873-2624 $20/transaction
Lewiston Firepower Industry 999 Upper Mountain Road 14092 NY 716-940-3970 $10/transaction
Liverpool Spur Shooters Supply 999 Upper Mountain Road 14092 NY 315-652-4597 $10/transaction
Locke Franklin Shooting 1215 State Route 38 13092 NY 315-497-0893 No Fee
Lockport JNH Enterprises 5867 Bowmiller Road 14094 NY 716-609-8878 $15/transaction
Lockport Killion, David 7591 Bulmore Road 14094 NY 716-949-2865 $20/transaction
Lockport Second Amendment Gun Sales 7542 Lincoln Ave. Ext 14094 NY 716-435-8489 $10/transaction
Lorraine Hanson Gun Works 21037 Cnty Rte 93 13659 NY 315-771-6683 $10/transaction
Lowman Kyle Wieder 1476 Breesport North Chemung Road 14861 NY 607-846-8451 $20/transaction
Marcy Frank's Guns 9103 River Road 13403 NY 315-736-0062 $10/transaction
Marion R E Haak Gun Sales 3841 N. Main Street 14505 NY 315-926-5905 $5/transaction
Marlboro Gerard Biviano d/b/a Jerry's Sporting Goods 11 Mt. Zion Road 12542 NY 845-236-7623 $0.01/round
Massena Retlaw Personal Defense 109 CR 40 13662 NY 315-323-6178 $10/transaction
Merrick South Shore Sportsman Inc. 9 Landsdowne Avenue 11566 NY 516-992-0004 $10/case
Mexico CNY Firearms 5 County Route 44 13114 NY 315-725-6316 $15/transaction
Mohegan Lake JSM Arms Distributors 1654 Strawberry Rd. 10547 NY 914-755-2370 $15/transaction
Montgomery Allways Secures, Inc. 9 Factory Street 12549 NY 845-769-5060 $25/transaction
Morrisville Creek Road Guns and Ammo 5617 N Butler Road 13408 NY 315-495-2517 No fee
Mount Kisco Harvey Morgan Gunsmith, LLC 49 Laurelton Road 10549 NY 914-241-8351 $10/transaction
Mount Vernon RT Smoke N Guns 4 South 6th Avenue 10550 NY 914-664-1414 $1/box; $10/case
Nanuet Good Guy Guns and Ammo 161 S Middletown Road 10954 NY 845-507-0338 Greater of $10 or 10%
Nanuet Tri-Kyn Technologies 15 Grandview Avenue 10954 NY 914-755-4820 15% of total
Nassau Nassau Merchandising Corporation 7 Albany Avenue 12123 NY 518-766-2125 $10/transaction
Nedrow Intimidator Sports - Tim Nelson 7000 S Salina Street 13120 NY 315-492-3837 $15/transaction
New City Gram's Arms Inc. 4 Woodhaven Drive 10956 NY 845-789-2843 $10/transaction
New Hyde Park Volko Supply Co. 205 Herricks Road 11040 NY 516-741-4466 $10/transaction
New Paltz Back Road Guns & Ammo 92 Martin Sweedish Rd 12561 NY 845-633-3870 $15/transaction
Niagara Falls Niagara Gun Sales 6949 Christi Lane 14304 NY 716-417-0741 $10/transaction
North Collins Livecchi's Gun Sales 10580 Railroad Avenue 14111 NY 716-337-3373 $10/transaction
North Rose Tilton Sears Guns and Ammo 11000 Salter Road 14516 NY $10/transaction
Nyack Krac Tactical, Inc. 30 New Street 10960 NY 845-478-5722 $10/transaction
Oakfield Arthur Plouse, Jr. 7469 Hutton Road 14125 NY 585-746-4955 $0/transaction
Ontario Wall Munitions & Supply 2140 Kenyon Road 14519 NY 315-288-3545 $12/transaction
Oswego Black Creek Firearms 80 Roma Drive 13126 NY 315-598-9537 $20/transaction
Oswego Granny's Guns & Ammo 493 West Lake Road 13126 NY 315-402-3022 $15/transaction
Oswego Lodge on the Look Guns & Ammo 137 Cty. Rt. 89 13126 NY 315-532-2167 $10/transaction
Otego Heritage Engraving & Smithing, LLC - Kunkler, Margaret K 389 Co. Hwy. 6 13825 NY 607-988-2667 $10/transaction
Owego Southern Tier Outpost, LLC 577 Whittemore Hill Road 13827 NY 607-658-3432 Higher of 10% or $10/transaction
Painted Post Bullseye Shooters Supply 453 S Hamilton Street 14870 NY 607-962-1100 $10/transaction
Pavilion Cardaros Gun Sales 10519 Cook Road 14525 NY 585-584-3188 $20/transaction
Pawling Adaptive Shooting Sports LLC 592 Route 22 Ste 2A 12564 NY 845-289-0390 $15 up to two cases, $35 after that
Peekskill RescueStuff, Inc. 962 Washington St 10566 NY 914-293-7235 $15/transaction
Pelham Wise Hardware - William Weinblat 119 Fifth Avenue 10803 NY 914-738-1954 $15/transaction
Penn Yan Aaron Zimmerman Gunsmithing 1108 E. Swamp Road 14527 NY 585-526-5113 $5/transaction
Perry Silver Trail Outfitters 37 S. Main Street 14530 NY 585-969-7067 $10/transaction
Perrysburg Roy's Guns 10402 Edwards Corners Road 14129 NY 716-532-5624 $5/transaction
Phelps Gunslinger Tactical Arms 11 Kathlyn Avenue 14532 NY 585-509-1450 $10/transaction
Phoenicia Arms Traders of America 85 Main Street 12464 NY 845-605-2767 $25/transaction
Pine Plains Hoffman Guns and Ammo 169 Hoffman Road 12567 NY 845-594-4272 Greater of $10 or 10%
Pittsford KlubFunStore.com 26 Shara Place 14534 NY 585-200-6558 $10/shipment
Plattsburgh Don Jerry - X-PLO Inc. 1080 Military TPK 12901 NY 518-561-7810 $25/transaction
Plesant Vally Civil Armory LLC 1330 Route 44 12569 NY 845-723-4603 $15/transaction
Port Jefferson Port Jeff Army Navy 1612 Main Street 11777 NY 631-473-0400 $0.01 per Round
Port Jefferson Secure Operations 1575 Route 112, Unit 6 11776 NY 631-473-1085 10% of order, $25 minimum
Port Jefferson Station Empire State Firearms 1618 Route 112 11776 NY 631-509-4600 $0.01/round
Port Jervis Gutzeit, Ethan 834 Mountain Road 12771 NY 845-672-9166 $0/shipment
Port Jervis The Gun Lady 41 Front Street 12771 NY 845-858-4990 $20/shipment
Potsdam Sovie's Cycle Shop - John Sovie 590 Ames Road 13676 NY 315-265-4297 $25/transaction
Poughkeepsie 3 Percent Products, LLC 16 Tamidan Road 12601 NY 845-332-7094 $15/shipment
Poughkeepsie HV Tactial, LLC 63 Lindbergh Place 12603 NY 845-430-7459 $10/shipment
Poughkeepsie The Firing Line 37 Alden Road 12603 NY 845-475-4691 $0
Pulaski E T A Armament LLC 5768 US Route 11 13142 NY 315-608-6019 $20/transaction
Pulaski Mission Accomplished Equipment 1164 County Rt. 28 13142 NY 315-298-5202 $15/transaction
Ransomville GunSmitty's LLC 3880 Dickersonville Road 14131 NY 716-425-7110 $10/transaction
Red Hook J Scott Butler 174 Guski Road 12571 NY 845-757-2552 $25/transaction
Remsen TRB's Guns 9089 Plank Road 13438 NY 315-941-0378 $5/transaction
Rhinebeck Ridgeline Defense 21 W Chestnut Street 12572 NY 845-750-4790 $20/transaction
Rochester Allstar Tactical 2285 Ridgeway Avenue 14626 NY 585-324-0345 $5/transaction
Rochester Imperial Firearms 141 Shady Creek Road 14623 NY 585-738-9808 $10/transaction
Rochester Rochester Personal Defense, LLC 300 Buell Road 14624 NY 585-406-6758 $0.02/round
Rochester TW Tactical LLC 30 Ajax Road 14624 NY 585-734-9666 $10/transaction
Rochester Ikkin Arms 1250 Scottsville Road, Suite 30A 14624 NY 585-235-5290 $10/transaction
Rock Tavern 2A Survival LLC 2 Maclean Drive 12575 NY 845-325-7415 $15/transaction
Roscoe Big Dog Arms 48 Stewart Street 12776 NY 607-498-4867 $5/transaction
Saint Johnsville JJ's Sporting Goods 14 Bridge Street 13452 NY 518-568-7777 $25/transaction
Sanborn Sanborn Gun Shop 5772 Joanne Drive 14132 NY 716-525-3674 Greater of $10 or $0.012/rd
Saranac Lake Blue Line Sports, LLC 81 Main Street 12983 NY 518-891-4680 $20/transaction
Saranac Lake MF Coullier Sheet Metal 659 State Route 3 12983 NY 518-891-2391 10%/transaction
Saugerties Saugerties Outfitters 470 Old Route 32 12477 NY 845-247-9660 $15/transaction
Scarsdale Integrity Arms, Inc. 1088 Central Park Avenue, Ste 225 10583 NY 914-882-5759 $10/transaction
Schenectady Firefly Firearms 1216 Libby Avenue 12309 NY 518-225-2035 $15/transaction
Schenectady Upstate Guns & Ammo 3410 State Street 12309 NY 518-370-4867 $20/transaction
Schoharie Creekside Sports 409 Main Street 12157 NY 518-702-5061 $10/transaction
Sherrill Smith Guns 417 Primo Ave 13461 NY 315-534-1167 15% of order
Shirley Barrow Boys, LLC 45 Ramsey Road, Unit 6 11967 NY 631-448-8447 $10/transfer
Spencerport 2A Gunsmithing and Firearms 59 Big Ridge Road 14559 NY 585-506-2496 $10/transaction
Stillwater Karl's Gunshop 208 CR 70 12170 NY 518-584-0037 $15/transaction
Suffern Citizen Arms & Ammo, LLC 8 Prosperity Drive 10901 NY 718-853-1318 $20 for 2 Pkgs
Suffern Shootz and Latters LLC 1 Wayne Avenue 10901 NY 845 533-4485 $10/transaction
Swan Lake American Sportsman Firearms LLC 141 Fairweather Road 12783 NY 845-292-6264 $10/transaction
Syracuse Corinthian Arms 793 Canal Street 13210 NY 315-491-5791 No Fee
Tillson Zaccheo's Gun Smithing, Inc. 215 River Road 12486 NY 845-514-0921 $25/transsaction
Ulster Park Mugsys Firearms 375 Union Center Road 12487 NY 845-399-9453 $25/transaction
Upper Nyack Jerome L Greenberg 207 Wanamaker Lane 10960 NY 212-563-2966 $75/transaction
Valley Cottage Precision Gunsmiths, LLC 52 Route 303 10989 NY 845-675-7774 $0/transaction
Victor Sycamore Hill Designs 64 School Street 14564 NY 585-820-7322 $25/transaction
Wallkill Wallkill River Small Arms 2332 Route 300 12589 NY 844-308-4867 $20/transaction
Walworth Knights Service 4552 Ontario Center Road 14568 NY 315-524-2885 $1/transaction
Wappingers Falls Eagle Arms 12 Bowdoin Lane 12590 NY 845-297-3671 $5/transaction
Warwick Knight Appraisals and Restorations 10 Lakeview Drive 10990 NY 845-986-1737 $10/transaction
Watertown Cross Road Guns 18065 Cross Road 13601 NY 315-788-3966 $15/transaction
Webster On Target Firearms 720 Basket Road 14580 NY 585-729-2733 $25/1000rds, $35/2000rds, $45/3000rds (Limit 3000rds)
West Monroe Bulriss, Leon Ansel 1346 County Rte 37 13167 NY 315-668-6521 $10/shipment
West Seneca Craiglows Gun Shop 5552 Berg Road 14218 NY 716-821-9375 $10/shipment
White Plains New England Police Supply Companies LLC 66 Fulton Street, 2nd Floor 10606 NY 914-358-1505 $1/transaction
Wolcott Alamo Sports Shop 6136 Lasher Road 14590 NY 315-573-4560 $5/transaction
Woodbourne FNJ Firearms Sales 2626 Ulster Heights Road 12788 NY 845-514-4227 $10/transaction
Worcester The Outpost 522 Mooney Road 12197 NY 607-435-5017 $10/transaction
Wurtsboro Triple Action Sports 16 Loop Road 12790 NY 845-345-1911 $25/transaction
Yaphank Suffolk Shooting Corporation 70 Horseblock Road, Units 8 and 9 11980 NY 631-775-7111 $10/250rds., Limit 2000rds./mo.
Yonkers K&R Gun Distributors, Inc. 4 Bashford Street 10701 NY 914-968-3452 $5/transaction
Yorkville AX Tactical 4947 Commercial Dr. #2 13495 NY 855-290-2941 $10 + < 10 lb. Fee

Our Average Ammo Shipping Speeds To New York

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Shipping to your New York FFL from Lucky Gunner is fast. Expect your ammo to get to your FFL 3-4 days from when you place your order!

New York CCW Gun Laws

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Here's a run-down on all the CCW laws in New York, broken down by municipality.

New York FFL Dealers

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Need to transfer a firearm in New York? Check out our list of FFL dealers above.

Federal Representatives From New York

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Here's a current list of the representatives from New York to the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. These people vote on federal judges who directly impact your 2A rights!

Also, here is a list of your statewide officer holders. These are the folks who vote on issues like the SAFE Act that can make buying ammunition much more difficult and time consuming for responsible gun owners like yourself. Here are the state-level legislative officials in Albany that can play a huge role in your 2nd Amendment rights!

Where To Shoot In New York

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Use this handy tool to locate shooting ranges in New York.  Sort by distance from a particular zip code or by a list of amenities.

New York State Firearm Associations

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These are the New York-specific firearms groups which protect your rights:

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