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Pistol Rug - Uncle Mike's - Medium - Black

Out of stock


Manufacturer - Uncle Mike's
Dimensions - 11” L x 7” W
Manufacturer's Sku - 52211
Color - Black
Color Black
Length 11"
Width 7"
Manufacturer Uncle Mike's
UPC Barcode 043699522118
Size Med
Manufacturer SKU 52211
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A pistol rug is an absolutely necessary accessory for any handgun whether you want to store or transport that beautiful piece of hardware. Uncle Mike’s pistol rug protects your valuable investment!

Uncle Mike’s pistol rug is lined with soft synthetic fabric. It will keep your handgun’s finish from scratching while you’re moving it around. Zip the rug closed and it becomes a padded case. Lock the zipper and your handgun becomes much harder to access – and you will know for certain if someone (i.e. your kid) has tried to open it. The pistol rug lies perfectly flat once it is opened, making it the ideal spot to place a pistol in between magazines or to use as a shooting rest.

This is Uncle Mike’s medium pistol rug. When it’s zipped all the way up it is 11” long and 7” wide. It is designed to store a revolver with a barrel 3” to 4-5/8” in length, or a semi-auto with a barrel 4” to 5” in length.

Handgun not included – wouldn’t it be nice if it was, though?
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