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Steel Target Stand - 1x2 Compatible Adjustable Width - Birchwood Casey - Black

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Manufacturer - Birchwood Casey
Material - Steel
Type - Portable 1x2 Target Stand
Manufacturer Birchwood Casey
Manufacturer SKU 49018
Target Type Accessories
Quantity 1
Width 13"-25"
UPC Barcode 029057490183
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Tired of looking for two trees that are just the right distance apart from one another whenever you want to hang up a paper target? When you have Birchwood Casey’s adjustable width target stand, you’ll be able to mount a target of practically any size wherever you want it!

This heavy duty steel target stand is built to withstand years of use, abuse and harsh weather. It only weighs about 10 pounds despite its solid construction, so you’ll have no trouble carrying it back and forth to your makeshift range. The stand’s four legs each have their own holes so you can stake them to the ground for added stability.

This target stand is designed to hold two 1x2 boards in the upright position. The center of the base expands and retracts, so you’ll be able to quickly adjust the stand to 13” wide, 25” wide, and any width in between. The stand’s included hardware will keep it locked in at the width you prefer. Then all you’ve got to do is staple your target to the boards, and presto – a professional gun range wherever you want it!

Lumber and targets not included.
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