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Blackhawk - SpecOps Adjustable Shotgun Stock for 12 Ga Remington 870's

Out of stock


Manufacturer - Blackhawk
Stock Style - SpecOps Adjustable Shotgun Stock
Stock Compatability - Remington 870 Pump 12 Gauge Shotguns
Color - Black
Manufacturer BLACKHAWK
Number of Slots N/A
Buffer Tube Size N/A
Manufacturer SKU K04100-C
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Blackhawk's award winning SpecOps Adjustable Shotgun stock has earned its place as the pre-eminent adjustable shotgun stock for the tactical shotgun crowd. This stock uses the proven Knoxx dual recoil-compensation system to take the sting out of felt recoil by up to 85% helping you deliver more rounds accurately on target in quicker succession due to less muzzle rise.

With its adjustable design, this stock is compatible with most body types making this ideal for both law enforcement personnel as well as individuals protecting their castle. This stock has five adjustment positions with a length of pull from 11.25" to 15.25" allowing you to customize the length to meet your individual needs. This stock is constructed from durable polymer making it equipped to stand the test of time.

This American made stock features an ergonomic pistol grip with a non-slip texture providing for a secure handhold and with its quick single-bolt installation, you'll be doing run and gun drills in no time!
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