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Blackhawk - Tactical Cheek Pad - Adjustable Fit & Height - Black - 1

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Out of stock


Quantity - 1 Adjust Cheek Pad
Color - Black
Manufacturer - Blackhawk
Features - Non-slip material, height adjustable
Manufacturer BLACKHAWK
Color Black
Number of Slots N/A
Buffer Tube Size N/A
Manufacturer SKU 90CP01BK
UPC Barcode 648018010798
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This adjustable triple-strap cheek pad from Blackhawk is a great addition for classic rifles and shotguns that will help properly align your eye with the sights or optics. The two strap design at the bottom of the pad allows for perfect fit with most sporting/hunting style stocks while the third rear strap prevents the pad from sliding forward during shouldering and shooting. An anti-slip material coats the broad side of the pad in order to ensure a proper cheek-weld as well as a reference point for quick aiming and snap-shooting. The open strap design is better than elastic retention systems as it is easier to install, less susceptible to wear, cinches down more securely, and interfaces well with existing sling points and butt-pads.

Blackhawk is a Kansas based company that produces training aids, weapon accessories, holsters, clothing, and more for law enforcement communities, high performance military circles, and all general consumers. They pride themselves on high quality materials and construction while offering items at a cost that everyone can afford.
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