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Tactical Flashlight - Kroma MilSpec LED - SureFire - Black

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Manufacturer - SureFire
Type - Light Emitting Diode (LED)br/> Output - 130 lumens (max), 4 lumens (min)br/> Model - Kroma MilSpec
Manufacturer sku - K2MS-BK
Light Type Flashlights
Manufacturer Surefire
Manufacturer SKU K2MS-BK
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There are flashlights, and then there are flashlights. The Kroma MilSpec from SureFire is one of the latter. This highly versatile LED tactical light earns its strong reputation among professionals through superb build quality and an impressive feature set that includes multiple beam and spectrum capabilities.

The Kroma MilSpec's virtues include not only flexibility, but also raw power; it can provide up to 130 lumens of white light output (about eight times that of a D-cell flashlight) for 1.5 hours. This capability may seem like overkill for most purposes, but it turns the flashlight into a useful offensive tool that can more reliably blind an assailant than a regular flashlight. Blinding helps the user gain a potentially decisive yet not immediately lethal advantage that can help subdue or incapacitate a threat as needed.

In more common situations that merely require illumination, the flashlight's light output can also be turned as low as 4 lumens. At this level, the Kroma can last up to 20 hours, making it a reliable companion for all kinds of work or outdoor activity.

The Kroma uses two 123A batteries (included). It maintains excellent synergy with night vision due to its ability to generate light in the infrared spectrum. In addition, this light can produce white, red (useful for stalking or sneaking around animals), blue, or yellow-green light.

SureFire has built the Kroma to withstand a wide variety of stresses. The flashlight's sealed waterproof body is made of hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum with a tempered, coated light-enhancing lens.
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