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Target - Champion - Double Hole AR500 Gong (Non-Magnum Pistol) - 8" - 1 Target

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Quantity - 1 steel gong
Dimensions - 8” x 1/4”
Manufacturer - Champion
Manufacturer SKU - 44910
Manufacturer Champion
Manufacturer SKU 44910
Quantity 1
Length 8.0000
Width 8.0000
Height 0.2500
UPC Barcode 604544621679
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When you’re shooting steel, there’s no more wondering whether you’ve hit your target – the telltale “ping” makes it obvious. And as much as you might like patching up paper targets with pasters, you’ll love refreshing a steel target in a matter of seconds with a can of spray paint!

Champion’s steel gong is going to give you countless hours of target shooting pleasure. This laser cut 8” diameter disc is made of pure AR500, a type of steel that is heat-treated for superior hardness. It poses little threat of sending splash-back or a ricochet back at the firing line, and it receives only cosmetic damage when it’s struck by a handgun bullet. (At 1/4” thick this steel target is not suitable for rifle or magnum pistol bullets.)

This is a double hole gong, with two square-shaped 1/2” openings. Use them to suspend the gong between two lengths of chain, or use only one for a simple hanging solution. This high-visibility orange gong is made in our favorite country! (We’ll give you a hint: It’s not Azerbaijan, no offense to the great Azerbaijani people intended.)
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