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Target - Champion - DuraSeal Spinner Target - Green Double Gong - 16" x 8" - 1 Target

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Quantity - 1 self-healing spinner target
Dimensions - 16" x 8"
Manufacturer - Champion
Manufacturer SKU - 42910
Manufacturer Champion
Manufacturer SKU 42910
Target Type Spinner
Quantity 1
Length 16"
Width 8"
UPC Barcode 076683429100
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One of the coolest ways to get your shoot on! This 18” tall ground target by Champion features two highly visible green paddles, one on top of the other. Shoot either to send the target spinning and receive immediate feedback on your success as a marksman. It will always reset so the gongs are oriented in a vertical position.

What makes this target really special is the stuff it’s made of. The double gong spinner is fabricated out of DuraSeal, a material which heals itself to close up any holes your bullets punch through it. Futuristic DuraSeal is an extremely rugged substance that can hold up to repeated fire from any firearm. Bombard it with 22 LR all day, or launch a 50 BMG through it. It can handle it!

DuraSeal is also a whole lot lighter than steel. That’s why this spinner target weighs only about 20% as much as a comparably sized steel model. And thanks to Champion’s durable metal stand, you’ll be able to sink this spinner target into the ground fast and easily, wherever you please.
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