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Targets - Champion - B21-E - 22.5" x 35" - 75 Targets


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Quantity - 75 paper silhouette targets
Dimensions - 22.5" x 35"
Manufacturer - Champion
Manufacturer SKU - 45759
Manufacturer Champion
Manufacturer SKU 45759
Target Type Paper
Quantity 75
Length 35"
Width 22.5"
UPC Barcode 077683457599
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We hope you never have to draw your pistol. But if you do, then we equally hope that you are ready. Champion’s B21-E practice target presents an anatomically accurate silhouette of a man reaching behind his back, so you can perfect the aim you need to defend yourself and your own.

This is a 25-yard silhouette target, although it is suitable for training at all practical ranges with a pistol, rifle or shotgun. The target is divided into several zones, with higher numbers assigned to the areas where a hit would be more likely to quickly neutralize the threat. The head and vital zone are 5; the arms and left hand are 2; the right hand (which is reaching for a weapon) is 3; the loose clothing is zero. The dark blue silhouette is easy to see under regular lighting conditions.

This law enforcement grade target is printed in high definition on high-quality paper, so you can fire many times before you have to move on to the next sheet. With 75 targets to a single pack, you’ll be able to get in plenty of potentially life-saving practice at the range!
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