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Targets - National Target Company - See Hit ST-4 - 15" - 6 Targets

  • Large image of See Hit ST-4 Targets For Sale - 6 - 15" Targets - National Target Company Targets For Sale

Out of stock


Quantity - 6 reactive paper targets
Dimensions - 15" x 15"
Manufacturer - The National Target Company
Manufacturer SKU - SEE-HIT ST-4
Manufacturer National Target Co.
Manufacturer SKU SEE-HIT ST-4
Target Type Reactive
Quantity 6
Length 15"
Width 15"
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Long range shooting is, to state the obvious, difficult. You’ve got to do some pretty impressive mathematics, be conscious of your own heartbeat, anticipate exactly what the wind is probably going to do to your shot, and think about a thousand other things if you want to hit the very distant targets. The last thing you need while you’re sharpening up your sniping skills is a target that works against you. That’s why we’ve got this See Hit ST-4 ready for you!

This target is bright red on white, so it’s easy to make out even when the sunlight isn’t playing along. When a bullet pierces this reactive target, it leaves behind a highly visible fluorescent green ring, so you’ll at once be able to gauge your performance. With four smaller targets in addition to its big central one, just one of these sturdy pieces of tagboard promises a lot of use. And with six of them together you’ll be able to sight in your rifle to surgical levels of precision!
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