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Targets - Birchwood Casey - Shoot-N-C - 12" - 5 Targets


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Quantity - 5 reactive paper targets
Dimensions - 12" x 12"
Manufacturer - Birchwood Casey
Manufacturer SKU - 34015
Manufacturer Birchwood Casey
Manufacturer SKU 34015
Target Type Reactive
Quantity 5
Length 12
Width 12
UPC Barcode 029057340150
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There are targets, and then there are Shoot-N-C targets by Birchwood Casey. This target is specially made so that your bullet will leave a bright chartreuse ring around where it penetrates, removing the need to flip a switch on your range stall or pull out your binoculars to see where you hit. That kind of instant feedback is what effective training is all about -- your skills will improve that much faster! You’ll even be able to clearly make out where each individual pellet struck if you’re practicing with your shotgun.

It’s easy to put up a Shoot-N-C anywhere you’d like, even over an old target, thanks to its self-adhesive backing. This target is very brightly colored, so you’ll be able to spot it from several hundred yards out. And because a Shoot-N-C comes with extra stickers on its corners, you can get more life out of one than your everyday run of the mill paper target.
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