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Targets - Birchwood Casey - Shoot-N-C - 17.25" - 5 Targets

Out of stock


Quantity - 5 reactive paper targets
Dimensions - 17.25" x 17.25"
Manufacturer - Birchwood Casey
Manufacturer SKU - 34185
Manufacturer Birchwood Casey
Manufacturer SKU 34185
Target Type Reactive
Quantity 5
Length 17.25
Width 17.25
UPC Barcode 029057341850
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It would certainly look funny if the USMC used old cans and laundry detergent bottles for their Scout Sniper training course, but they prefer traditional bullseye targets instead. It’s just as well, because Camp Lejeune wouldn’t look very impressive if there were empty bottles of root beer strewn all over the grounds.

If you prefer the real deal when you shoot targets, then you’re going to love the Shoot-N-C by Birchwood Casey. It’s the largest bullseye target that the Minnesotan company makes, so you’ll be able to make great use of it no matter how far you’ll be shooting. This is a reactive target -- every shot you place on it is going to be highlighted by a ring of chartreuse, so you won’t have to traipse back and forth or look through binoculars all day to receive feedback on your aim.

This target comes with 30 black and 10 orange stickers, so you’ll be able to patch up holes to get much more use out of each one. (We know a deadeye like you is only going to need the orange stickers, of course.) This self-adhesive target goes up fast and easy, and its bright colors make it ideal for shooting indoors and in overcast conditions.
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