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Uncle Mike's Black Padded Shell Bag


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Manufacturer - Uncle Mike's
Model # - 41722
Material - Nylon
Color - Black
Color Black
Manufacturer Uncle Mike's
UPC Barcode 043699401147
Manufacturer SKU 41722
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When you go to the beach looking for pretty shells, do you have trouble carrying around all those beautiful lightning whelks, Scotch bonnets, sunray Venuses and scallops? Have no fear! Uncle Mike’s Padded Shell Bag is here to make your life a whole heckuva lot easier!

We guess you could use this bag to hold shotshells as well. It is made of durable Cordura nylon, with a 2” wide web belt with locking buckle for secure attachment around your waist. The belt is also removable, so you can just mount the bag to whichever belt you’d prefer to wear.

This shell bag has two big outer pockets, giving you instantly accessible storage space for up to fifty 12 Gauge shotshells. Four outside shell loops will let you keep some of your specialty shells separate from the rest. Just take care that this isn’t a tactical accessory! Uncle Mike’s Padded Shell Bag doesn’t have flaps to hold in its contents, suiting it better for target shooting and bird hunting than situations when you’ll need to roll around and take cover.
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