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Uncle Mike's Black Single Handcuff Case

Out of stock


Manufacturer - Uncle Mike's
Model # - 74851
Material - Nylon
Color - Black
Article Type N/A
Manufacturer Uncle Mike's
UPC Barcode 043699748518
Manufacturer SKU 74851
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We don’t have to explain to law enforcement professionals how important a set of handcuffs can be while they’re on duty. Many suspects aren’t all that happy when they’re apprehended. Limiting how much they’re able to do with their hands will make your job a great deal easier.

This case keeps one set of handcuffs instantly accessible wherever you need it. It is made of durable Kodra nylon, so it won’t quickly wear out to inconvenience you or make your uniform look shabby. Though strong, this handcuff case still keeps a low profile – perfect for cops who don’t want to get snagged on the environment when they’re doing something incredibly difficult.

This handcuff case’s integral loops secure it to any casual or duty belt, so it’s also suitable for security guards who wear formal attire on the job. Its design accommodates a variety of chained and hinged cuffs by manufacturers including Peerless, S&W and Hiatt. Its single snap flap will keep your cuffs safely in place until you have to collar someone.
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