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12 Gauge - 2-3/4" 1-1/8oz. #8 Shot - Estate Super Sport Competition Target Load - 25 Rounds


(44.0¢ per round)

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Quantity - 25 Rounds
Manufacturer - Estate
Load - 2-3/4” 1-1/8oz. #8 Shot
Manufacturer Estate Cartridge
Condition New
Bullet Weight 1-1/8 oz
Bullet Type #8 Shot
Quantity 25
Ammo Caliber 12 Gauge
Manufacturer SKU SS12L 8
Shot Material Lead
Shell Length 2-3/4"
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 1145
Attracts Magnet No
UPC Barcode 604544252484
Cost Per Round 44.0¢ per round
Use Type
Sporting Clays
Target Loads
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Headquartered in Anoka, Minnesota, Estate Cartridge has carved out a very nice part of the market for themself by combining impeccable quality with an impressive price tag. Their Super Sport Competition ammunition makes a fine choice for trap or clays whatever your skill level.

At 1-1/8 ounces, this 12 Gauge shell is loaded with the heaviest column of shot most trapshooters are allowed during competition. It is #8 shot, just smaller than the #7.5 that is frequently used, which means its pattern is about 461 pellets thick instead of 394. Estate’s extra hard lead shot holds its shape very well under pressure, and it is screened to ensure uniformity of diameter. It thus delivers the compact pattern at long range which successful clay smashing revolves around.

This shell’s wad is perforated to promote cleaner detachment after having properly patterned its shot for accurate flight. Estate’s primer reliably ignites their progressive burning powder to promote a consistent muzzle velocity and generate manageable recoil. This shell’s reloadable hull is strengthened by a steel head, which is brass-plated for gentler contact with a shotgun’s extraction mechanism.
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