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12 Gauge - 3" 1-1/4oz. T Steel Shot - Fiocchi Golden Waterfowl - 25 Rounds

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Quantity - 25 Rounds
Manufacturer - Fiocchi
Load - 3" 1-1/4oz. T Shot
Manufacturer Fiocchi
Condition New
Bullet Weight 1-1/4 oz
Bullet Type T
Quantity 25
Ammo Caliber 12 Gauge
Manufacturer SKU 123SGWT
Shot Material Steel
Shell Length 3"
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 1400
Attracts Magnet Yes
UPC Barcode 762344710372
Use Type
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Being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean you have to get into yoga, buy whale song CDs, recycle your nose hair trimmings, and wear socks with sandals. It just means you won’t do anything exceptionally dopey, such as shooting lead shot around delicate wetland environments. This 12 Gauge shotshell from Fiocchi’s Golden Waterfowl label will let you bag a duck without hurting his buddies’ habitat!

Fiocchi’s steel shot is specially treated, proitecting it from rust that harms accuracy. You can expect this shell’s roughly 66 pellets of T shot to group remarkably close together, giving you the spread you need to down ducks that thought they had flew safely far away from you.

This shell’s wad will keep its hard shot from scoring the inside of your shotgun’s bore, and its propellant charge is hotter than the usual 12 Gauge’s to give steel the boosted momentum it needs to kill reliably. Fiocchi’s shotshells regularly appear at Olympic sporting events -- not these ones specifically, but they’re still of the same high quality that often brings home the gold.
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