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12 Gauge - 2-3/4" 00 Buck - Remington Reduced Recoil - 25 Rounds

Out of stock


Quantity - 25 rounds per box
Manufacturer - Remington
Bullet - 2-3/4" 00 Buck
Manufacturer Remington
Condition New
Bullet Weight Not Applicable
Bullet Type #00 Buck
Quantity 25
Ammo Caliber 12 Gauge
Manufacturer SKU RR12BK800 - 20645
Shot Material Lead
Shell Length 2-3/4"
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 1200
UPC Barcode 047700163406
Use Type
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This 12 gauge ammunition from Remington is a low recoil load well suited to self-defense applications. Each shell in this box of 25 fires 9 pellets of 00 buckshot at a muzzle velocity of 1,200 feet per second. This produces excellent stopping power at typical self-defense ranges. The reduced powder charge and recoil reduces the risk of over-penetration and makes your shotgun more controllable--an important factor if you need to fire more than once to stop an assailant.

00 buckshot is a powerful, versatile shot type that has been proven in many self-defense and hunting situations. It has a nominal diameter of .33" and delivers excellent penetration--so excellent that it is not a good idea to use it for defense in crowded environments such as apartment buildings and condos. In a less populated setting, however, it's a choice you can count on to protect your home.

Remington ammunition is loaded in Lonoke, Arkansas. Founded in the 1820s, Remington is one of the oldest ammo manufacturers in the world and one of only a few that also produces firearms.
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